August 2014 Warehouse Mixtape by T.A.P.E.

This was the last Warehouse

April 25th 2014 - NICK CURLY / MATT TOLFREY / JOZIF / O.D.Math / TAPE / POMM


ART DEPARTMENT ("Kenny Glasgow" No.19 Music ♦ Toronto)

MATHEW JONSON live (Wagon Repair, Crosstown Rebels, M_Nus ♦ CA)

EXON BACON vs RED'OUT (Play Label Records ♦ BE)

T.A.P.E. vs GilLeson (Play Label ♦ BE )

VJing by Tom Kranich

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Easy to find and reach (2 mins drive from Midi Station and located at 100 meters from the exit 17 on the Brussels Ring) and with big and free parking facilities.


7, International boulevard
1070 Brussels

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When it came to create moments of musically intense purity and trigger off the most pleasant of your emotions, joy, we at Play Label thought it was about time to go back to the roots, both in terms of music and location, with the help of just these two simple yet essential elements: sound and space.

♢ On the sound side:

Mathew Jonson has basically perfected the art of the electronic live act. With a hardware-heavy set-up, he bobs and weaves through a medley of vivid and futuristic loops, lightly touching on his own classics as he goes. These, it must be said, are the best moments: whether it's a smidgen of "Dump Truck" or a full rinse of "Decompression," a glimpse of his fantastic oeuvre is enough to send you home happy.

Art Department has transcended scenes and broken down walls as underground artists as few others have , garnering accolades including #1 track of the year at the Beatport Awards in 2011, iTunes #2 “Best Electronic Album” of 2011, hailed as “hottest duo in dance music” from outlets like DJ Mag, awarded the 2010 Track of the Year for their breakout hit Without You by long standing authorities like Resident Advisor (UK), Groove Mag (Germany), and #2 in Mixmag (US), and voted #6 Top DJ's in the world in 2012. The duo have also graced the covers of DJMag Canada, Now Magazine, DJ Times, Raveline Magazine and have been featured in wide spread press, including The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Vogue, I:D, Nylon and Vibe Magazine who ranked them #2 DJ/Producers in the world in 2013, second only to Daft Punk, firmly establishing them as a rare thing in the world of electronic music.

They will be joined by the Play Label Dj's: Exon Bacon vs Red'Out (Play Label Records) and GilLeson vs TAPE (Play label).

♢ On the space side, we wanted to spot a location that would be sufficiently impressive yet not too obtrusive to host the new concept, a place spacious enough to let you fully unfold and savor hours of shining examples of just how the tech house genre should sound. With this in mind, we went out looking for the perfect spot that could form an integral part of the event without taking away the music’s leading role. What we found was a setting enabling us to give the concept a name that can be closely associated with an infamous place where house music was born.

In short, we thought that in going back to the roots in terms of location, we would give that place a name that speaks for itself:

Make sure you get your presale tickets and surround yourself by the exclusive sound and space brought to Brussels by Play Label.

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Pure FM - RTBF

FM Brussel




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